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Birthdate:May 25
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
RPG Character Profile:

Ingress is the youngest daughter of Portico and Portia, the former Lord and Lady of the House of Arch, and Door's little sister. She was kidnapped by the mad angel, Islington, and rescued by Door, with assistance from Tom Riddle.

She is an Opener, and she's been Chosen by the Companion Megwyn to be a Herald of Valdemar when she grows up. She's a teenager now, and lives most of the time in Haven for schooling. She returns to the [info]house_of_arch to visit Door and Tom, the current Lady and Lord of the House of Arch, and their first child, Portico.

She still loves milkshakes, dressing up, writing, weapons lessons (she's especially keen on swords and hand-to-hand) and meeting new friends.

Ingress is growing up. She's a tall girl (and getting taller) with opalescent eyes. Unless otherwise specified, she'll be wearing the "Grays" that mark her as a Herald-in-training (like karate outfits, but gray). Her hair is blue, thanks to Delirium back when she was five. Ingress used to be [info]smallestopener, but with the birth of Portico, she is no longer the smallest of the openers!

Ingress and London Below belong to Neil Gaiman and her Companion and Valdemaran context belong to Mercedes Lackey. She is played at [info]milliways_bar by [info]vivien529. She was created by [info]miraielle and adopted by Viv in 12/05. No profit is being made from the usage of the character.
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